Social Events

For participants & accompanying persons (costs included in the conference registration fee):

  • VISIT AT THE PARLIAMENT PALACE (Sunday 26 March 2023, at 16:00 h) and informal reception during the registration at Hotel Radisson Blu (HRB), during 17:00-21:00 h.
    For the visit to the Parliament Palace (the effective visit will start at 16:30 h and will end after about one hour and a half), transport by buses will be assured for the participants. At 16:00 h, two buses will leave from the HRB to the Parliament Palace and, after the visit, will assure the participants transport back to the hotel for the registration. For your access in the palace, you must BRING WITH YOU YOUR PASSPORT or an ID NATIONAL CARD (for EU countries participants). Do not take large luggage with you during this visit (you can leave your luggage at the hotel before the visit).
  • CONFERENCE DINNER (Wed. 29 March 2023): it will be organized at Restaurant Pescarus in Bucharest (19:00-22:00 h). The buses will leave from Hotel Radisson Blu at 18:30 h.
  • VISITS AT IFIN-HH (ELI-NP, IONISING RADIATION METROLOGY LABORATORY), in Bucharest-Magurele, will be organized by 2 groups of max. 50 participants each, during the afternoon on Tuesday 28 March 2023 and Thursday 30 March 2023, respectively. The bus will leave from the Hotel Radisson Blu, immediately after lunch and will transport the participants back at the hotel after the visit.

For accompanying persons (costs not included in the conference registration fee):

  • Visit at the “Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum” in Bucharest (Tuesday 28 March 2023);
  • A show at the Romanian National Opera (date and details to be established);
  • A touristic programme in Romania (for the participants and accompanying persons) during the two weekends before and after the conference (details to be established)